Food safety ensures quality

MADA has always been aiming at offering its customers quality products that meet all food safety standards.


Quality is Customer Satisfaction
Customer Safety ensures Quality

MADA is first all qualitative, available, reactive and customer-oriented...

We want the best products for our customers with clear and transparent labelling of the ingredients. To achieve this, we orient our projects towards a “clean label” approach. We offer products that respect different technical specifications: gluten-free, allergen-free, colouring-free, flavour enhancer-free, additive-free, palm oil-free, hydrogenated fat-free, only based on natural flavours...
We have developed a range of high quality organic products for which we have rigorously selected organic raw food. All products are certified by ECOCERT and consist in a complete range for everyday use:
Broth : vegetables, poultry and beef
Juice : veal, poultry
Aroma : fish
Sauce : tomato, 3 peppers, béchamel
Soup : vegetables, tomato vermicelli and chicken vermicelli